VIVAMED - oddelenie nukleárnej medicíny

  • Vivamed - oddelenie nukleárnej medicíny

Information for patients

Patients are referred to the Nuclear Medicine Centre by a specialist.

In in vivo examinations, patients are examined in person, by the administration of a small amount of a radiopharmaceutical (RAP). A radiopharmaceutical is a chemical substance with bound radioactivity that is absorbed in the examined organ and facilitates its imaging. Radiation doses are similar for all patients and in majority of cases it is many times lower than in a normal X-ray examination. This examination is non-invasive and painless.


After the arrival, a patient must register at the reception, submit the request for the examination (if any) and their health insurance card and proceeds as instructed. Patients wait for the examination in the waiting room. The administered radioactive substance is usually excreted from the body biologically, it is thus necessary to drink more and urinate more frequently on the examination day. When a patient arrives to the clinic, they are instructed on the diagnostic procedure and on the potential risk and they sign the so-called Informed Patient Consent. The examination contraindication is pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers should suspend breastfeeding for 12-24 hours. Different examinations have different durations; they are carried out with different devices, so it may seem that the order of patients arriving to the examination is not respected. It is caused by the nature of individual examinations and the by the intensity of using available devices. If required, patients with serious conditions are put in preference.


Majority of examinations in the Centre do not require any special preparation, patients are thus allowed to eat and drink or take their regular medicines. Results of the examinations are in special cases available shortly after the examination, normally in 1-2 days. As for the workplaces in the Teaching Hospital in Prešov, results are available in an electronic form and are sent through the internal post. As for other workplaces, the results are sent there on the daily basis via the Slovak Post. If required, results may be handed over directly to a patient or duplicates thereof may be made.