VIVAMED - oddelenie nukleárnej medicíny

  • Vivamed - oddelenie nukleárnej medicíny

Arranging IN VIVO examinations

Examinations are arranged by completing the form titled Request for the Examination Using a Radiopharmaceutical which is sent to our Centre by post or delivered in person. In special cases, patients can arrange their examination by phone. A request for the examination should be completed so that all the required data are presented, mainly regarding previous therapies, results of performed examinations (with the result copies attached), as well as a patient’s personal data  (address, phone number, height, weight - as a radiopharmaceutical is prepared for an individual patient depending on their weight).


Patients are invited to the examination in writing or by phone, or when visiting the Centre personally. If necessary, a doctor who referred a patient to the examination arranges the transportation of the patient to the examination site and back by an ambulance and provides the patient with the documents required for such transport.  


Paediatric patients are prepared for the examination directly at our Centre, in cooperation with a paediatrician who performs access to vessels.


If an examination is cancelled due to a patient’s illness, refusal, or for any other reason, we kindly ask patients to notify us as soon as possible to be able to invite other patients for the examination.