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About us

The Nuclear Medicine Centre is located in the area of the J. A. Reiman Teaching Hospital, Hollého 14, Prešov. It consists of two sections:


The in vivo section applies minimally burdening, non-invasive examination methods of medical imaging that facilitate obtaining the data on the basis of the distribution of the administered radiopharmaceutical in the organism. The obtained data predicate the functions and morphology of organs, pathological foci, and metabolism.


The fastest entry is through the back entrance into the area of the Teaching Hospital with Polyclinic, from the Šafárikova – Sládkovičova crossroad located approximately 80 m away. Our Centre is located on the ground floor of the Convalescent Pavilion located opposite the Children Hospital of the Teaching Hospital with Polyclinic.


History of nuclear medicine in Prešov

The Nuclear Medicine Centre in Prešov was established in July 1976 by the founder and the first chief physician, the then-director of the Hospital with Polyclinic in Prešov, Dr. Dezider Flasík. Since its establishment, the Centre comprised also the RIA laboratory (in vitro section) which was at that time focused mainly on the thyroidal diagnostics. The in vivo section was equipped with the Picker Magnascanner 500i kinetic gammagraphy, a single- and two-channel medical set, and a calibrator for the measurement of the applied activities.


At the end of 1988, the Centre was equipped with the planar analogue gamma camera MB 9200 by a Hungarian manufacturer which facilitated higher-quality (and faster) recording of static scintigrams. In 1991, the gamma camera was supplemented with an evaluation device, standardising thus a whole range of dynamic and static examinations.


In 1996, the gamma camera was digitalised and connected to a PC.


In the middle of 2004 and then at the end of 2008, we carried out yet another upgrade of the acquisition and evaluation part of the gamma camera which increased the overall system reliability and facilitated data exchange between individual NM workplaces in the DICOM format.

In February 2012, the double-head SPECT gamma camera DST-XLi was activated and commissioned. It included also the evaluation system VISION 6.0.0 by General Electric.

From the beginning till the end of May 2014, the Centre comprised also the RIA laboratory (in vitro section) which was at that time focused mainly on thyroidal diagnostics.


In 1990, when the chief physician, Dr. Dezider Flasík, retired, the then-deputy, Dr. Jozef Leško, was appointed a new chief physician of the Centre who is the professional leader of our collective until  now.